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Revel in the glorious ghostly past, present and future of historic Canton, Georgia, on a Canton Ghost Tour.

Nestled among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and alongside the Etowah River, the picturesque town of Canton has long, storied natural and political histories. These deep roots have fed and nourished the towering legend of Canton’s haunted past.

From its first century as Indian Country through its current status as one of the fastest-growing cities in Cherokee County, Georgia, Canton has amassed an attic full of ghostly tales. We at Canton Ghost Tour are delighted to share the town’s eerie heritage with visitors young and old, from the events of the Civil War that shaped the local mindset to the indelible mark of famous forebears whose spirits forever define this scenic southern city.

With Canton Ghost Tour as your guide, you’ll wend your way through the heart of Canton’s most hallowed grounds, bearing witness to the 19th century landmarks that spawned generations of terrifying and tragic tales. Read on or take a moment to view our Tour Info for details about the sites you’ll see how our tours are organized.

Whether you’re an aficionado of the paranormal, a history buff or just out for an evening of entertainment, there’s something in it for you in every Canton Ghost Tour. Join us for a hauntingly good time in historic Canton.




"Besides being a chilling, thrilling walk through Canton’s ghostly past, your Canton Ghost Tour provides entertaining lessons in history"

  • Unveil Canton’s mysterious connection to the Kennedy family.
  • Learn about the tragic Civil War past of Canton and of the brave soldiers buried at Riverview.
  • Explore the Canton’s country music roots.


Canton Ghost Tours are entertaining and appropriate for all ages, so our ticket prices are tailored to the whole family. There’s a whole lot of spookiness and great history to pack into 2 hours, and Canton Ghost Tour does it all at a great price:      More